Does photography benefit your business? Did you pay for a photographer to create images for you to sell your product or services?

When someone wants to engage a photographer for their services, often the assumption is that they become the owner of the photographs and copyright.

By default, under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 , the creator/photographer, owns the copyright of commercial photographs.

Let me explain further….

As the commercial client paying for the photography services of Suzi Appel, you are granted a license, in the form of a written agreement, to use these images, unless prior to the commencement of the shoot the client requests to have ownership assigned to them. This may be granted or not, and if so, often comes with a higher fee as the intellectual property and creation is transferred to the client.

Commonly, small businesses pay for photography services that allow the client to have usage rights/ license for their website, brochures, social media, blog posts and sometimes for editorial - online or print publication use. In these cases the photographer owns the copyright and crediting the photographer is required.

If you (the client) paid for the services, the photographs are for you to use as agreed across various media platforms. In the case of Third parties (another business contacts you to use the photographs) permission or another license from the photographer is necessary before you share files with other businesses, as they are not the paying client.

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