As a freelance photographer, I love working and collaborating with creative people and businesses. 

Based in Melbourne, Australia, my inspiration comes from the visual world around me. Many years ago, this lead me to develop a passion for photography and art – a life long journey.

Having worked in education for over a decade, I always had a thirst to learn more and share these stories. I gain lots of inspiration from travels, experiences and adventures at home and abroad.

Now as a commercial photographer, I have developed relationships with small businesses where visual images are of great value. I love seeing the final photography come to fruition, often working alongside stylists and designers.

Over the years, my interests have evolved and enabled me to appreciate different approaches to photography and the great photographers of our time. My personal work and photographic prints are part of this journey and love of the fine arts.

Here is my collection of work.  I hope you enjoy it!

The way I see things.